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106 N Constitution Dr.
Yorktown, VA
T: (757) 597-1953
$10.00 per class

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Saturday 9:30AM
Ladies Only
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Yorktown, Virginia. A place known for both its waterfront charm and its famous battles. Stroll through the boutique shops and grab a delicious bite to eat at one of the restaurants at Historic Yorktown’s Riverwalk Landing, then wander along the York River’s sandy beach. As you walk up the hill toward Main Street’s art galleries and antiques shops — pausing to admire the town’s 18th-century architecture — it may be hard to imagine that fierce fighting ever took place nearby.

Main Street is located on a bluff above the floodplain. Architecture in this area is almost exclusively original to the colonial era. Nine buildings, including the circa-1730 Nelson House and Somerwell House, survive from the pre-Revolutionary period. The old court house, several small shops, the Nelson House, and the Yorktown Monument are located along this road. Around the center of the town are residential streets. Grace Episcopal Church, situated on Church Street near the old courthouse, is noted for its architecture.